Hi! I’m Jess.

I’m an IT Admin, mental health advocate, animation & graphics producer, influencer relations manager, and variety gaming & creative Twitch hobbyist who enjoys discussing self care with my hedgehog, Q & cat, Lydia.

On occasion, I talk about important topics like psychology, PR, cybersecurity, relationship building, and mental health in blogs or on cast,  and on official stages, like at PAX South, TwitchCon, and PAX East.

Within The Quillective, we’ve created a friendly place for people to either forget about their issues, or to support themselves or others. I use my university knowledge to educate our community on various topics, usually related to mental health, psychology, and self care. I enjoy discussing a game’s atmosphere, the character relationships, or an NPC’s aside joke to get to the meat of the issue being highlighted. In addition to this, we discuss our mental and physical well-being and how to become a better person each day.

We don’t solely focus on these subjects. But we will when the game or conversation is driven towards them. Why? It’s important to let others know they are not alone in their analyses and struggles. If I can say one thing to assist someone’s day, situation, or life… that’s worth so much to me. You all are more than just followers. You are beautiful, smart, hardworking people behind these pixels who I want to touch kindly with my words and care.

Unconditionally, video games are my passion. Without gaming, I wouldn’t have my amazing relationships with my family friends, and community, or my influencer relations management knowledge. Video games are educational art forms that bring people from different subcultures together through the emotions and memories experienced. Consuming and promoting other’s creations gleefully is my favorite hobby.


Stay awhile and listen.


Thank you for considering supporting the community! I enjoy enlightening, or bewildering, through my inane rants and elongated discussions.

If you wonder why you should, ask: Did I give out great advice, make ya’ll laugh, bring tears to your eyes, execute a clutch move, or plain ol’ fail?

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