My university major was in psychology.

My senior thesis “Mobile Technology’s Benefits to Pre-School Aged Children” showcased various case studies in which technology is most beneficial for younger children when properly applied as a helpful tool, rather than a complete teaching or parenting replacement.

My senior research project entitled “Video Games, Aggression, Aggressive Personalities and Their Effects on Language” found participants who played Super Hexagon, a challenging puzzle game, were more aggressive and aggravated in responding to an emotional survey and vocabulary test afterwards than compared to the control or Call of Duty playing groups.

Although I do have university theory in explaining and applying therapeutic techniques, I am not a licensed professional or psychologist. But I enjoy teaching people that we all approach, suffer, and conquer our battles in different ways. Sometimes we need a reminder on what works, or a new game plan. It is a sign of strength – not weakness – to use all of society’s tools at your disposal to build yourself up into the person you want to become.

I spoke at PAX East 2017 about the importance of balancing a healthy life style using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs while being a growing content creator. I’ve guest appeared on multiple podcasts such as Mxiety and Gooperatives as well.

I hope my musings assist you in some way. Disclaimer: I’m a mental health advocate, not a licensed professional or psychologist.